Friday, 28 February 2014

A week away

Last week we headed off to the mainland for a holiday, our last break before the bakery season starts but also as a little treat for my birthday. Before we left my parents came to stay for a few days which was lovely, although now we've been away it seems like a long time ago!

We had been considering where to go, whether to even attempt a little trip abroad. However after much discussion we decided to have a break in Cornwall. It was just as well we made that decision as we were fog bound on our first day and the rail line up country was destroyed during the recent storms.

Barney and I have had some really nice breaks exploring Cornwall in the past, plus it had the advantage of avoiding extra travel with Marcus. We spent the first three nights in a very cosy self catering cottage in Malpas, near Truro.

This was the view from our front door. It was just like the setting of Wind in the Willows, I could almost picture Ratty heading out on his boat!

We indulged in the mainland activities that island life does not allow for including a Chinese take away and lots of shopping. Our evenings included wine, olives and cards- slightly tamer than our pre- baby days!

The weather was lovely so we managed quite a lot of walking.

We walked past this playing field which is very significant to us. This is where the helicopter landed the night Marcus was born on board. It's hard to recall clearly the events of that evening- I remember it was raining and there were trees! However looking at this field brought home how scary everything must have been for Barney, so out of his control. It was almost therapeutic revisiting the place where our adventure unfolded.

At the weekend we had a visit from my sister Kate and her fiancee Mike. It was so great to see them. As usual there was lots of food and laughter and Marcus was spoilt rotten by his Aunty Kate.


We waved goodbye to Kate and Mike and then settled into our next place of residence for three nights, Watergate Bay Hotel.

Now staying at Watergate really was a special birthday treat. I was spoilt rotten with dinner at Jamie's 15 and a 'full works' massage, facial and pedicure treatment. The hotel is very baby friendly, they have a baby web cam monitoring system so we could even enjoy dinner on our own. Of course I also loved spending time with Marcus in the days. We swam lots and hung out reading and playing games as well as enjoying walks on the beach. He really does love having our undivided attention.



The Watergate is my favourite hotel I have stayed in and I have already started saving for my next visit, although this may take some time! The decor is a gorgeous beachy shabby chic (right up my street) and there is a real mix of people who stay there. It is the perfect setting for chilling or getting involved in some sea based activities. But mainly it was great because I was with my two boys.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

This time last year I had no idea I would be celebrating the next Valentine's day with another man in my life. X

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Banking memories

It's all my fault, I admit it. I wrote a blog post bemoaning the weather and how restrictive it can be. Well that was the least of it, the elements have proven that destruction is much more of a problem. We are lucky, we are safe, dry and warm. I feel so sorry for those who have suffered the loss of their homes and businesses. I promise never to moan about the weather again.

I was chatting to a friend, who is a mother of three, who was saying things about your little one you think you will remember forever soon slip to the back of your mind. As this blog is meant to be a diary of sorts I thought I would document some of what I love about my baby boy right now, aged a whole 4 months.

That face.

What else is there to say, just gorgeous.

Feeding time. Taking a moments break to stare up and smile at me, 'This meal is just amazing mummy.'

It's the best feeling in the whole world knowing I'm giving my baby everything he needs. I got off the a rocky start with breast feeding but so glad I persevered and would urge anyone else to stick with it and ask for help if you need to.

Fun in the bathroom.

Apparently there is nothing better than having your nappy off and having a kick around. I can happily leave Marcus on the changing mat whilst I potter around, listening to him gurgling away to himself. It only gets better when it's bath time. Marcus will kick and splash with so much vigour, it's like he's saved his energy for this moment in the day. I love it when he takes a break to stare at me and uses all his concentration to copy my face. Bless him.

Nap time. I try to be good and put him down for a nap in his cot but sometimes (by sometimes I mean at least once a day) I can't resist letting him sleep on me. He looks so content and I can't help but wonder how long we will have times like this together so I best make the most of it. That's my reasoning anyway!

Those eyes. Gorgeous long eyelashes just like daddy. More surprisingly stunning blue eyes, neither Barney or eye have blue eyes so he must take after his Grandad and Auntie Kate. Secretly I hope they won't change colour.

Concentrating, sucking and trying to grip. All at once and usually involving daddy's finger.

Having a glimpse into the future. Hanging out with daddy watching the rugby and learning the national anthem already. Makes my heart melt. But I've made them promise to let me join in beach cricket even though I know they will both get annoyed with me!

The magical mobile. It's bright, lurid plastic, has music and lights and whilst I'm all up for traditional and tasteful wooden toys, this wonderful contraption gives me time to brush my hair and make the bed.

To be honest I could go on and on and whilst I haven't specifically mentioned 'that smile' I think it is clear in the photos and really too beautiful for words. Of course we have grizzly times and moments of extremely frustrated crying, but I feel more relaxed about dealing with it now. I know he is a happy boy and a flash of that smile is enough to forgive anything.